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Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal

The Ice Cool IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal combines epilator and cold compress (2 in 1) in one device so that it can cool down your skin while epilating. 

Features:  IPL Technology, 500,300 Flashes, 5-Level Energy Regulations, High Temp Shutdown, Skin Rejuvenation, Permanent Painless Hair Removal.

Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal adopts the photon beauty IPL epilation technique and uses the selective photothermolysis to destroy hair regeneration mechanism by increasing the hair follicle temperature high enough to break the germinal cells. It will not damage the bad skin and surrounding skin tissue. The cellular debris will be by swallowed by the phagocytic cells and excreted outside body. The unique cooling system makes the laser shoot directly into the hair roots, cooling down the skin synchronously and improving the user’s comfort. Also, this unit can be used to lighten your skin and shrink the pores. On the basis of light and radio frequency treatment, the Ice Cool painless repair technology make you feel cool without heat. It can really give you painless hair removal. It is most suitable for sensitive skin and those people who can’t endure pain. 

Product Name: Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal
Light Source: IPL
Product Material: ABS
Product Size: 213mm x 72mm x 53mm
Cold Compress Temperature: 5°C - 10°C
Power Supply Mode:  Plug-In
Treatment Area: 3cm x 1cm
Flash Spectrum:    550nm 

  1. 1 x Main Unit

  2. 1 x Goggles

  3. 1 x Power Adapter

  4. 1 x Manual

  5. 1 x Razor

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